Haleakala Crater in Maui Hawaii

03/01/2011 01:47 AM

Haleakala Maui, Haleakala National Park, Haleakala sunrise, Maui Crater

Where can one of the planet's most awe inspiring views to start the day be found? Anyone who has experienced a Haleakala sunrise at the Maui Crater in Haleakala National Park can tell you in a heartbeat. As the sounds of the night creatures fade, the Haleakala sunrise begins to cast light across the impressive summit area, and its surrounding forest base. And as the Haleakala sunrise spreads its colors and hues, the vast scope of this natural wonder is revealed. 

The archaeological record for mankind's appreciation of the Maui Crater dates as far back as 660 AD as the early Polynesian's explored the Haleakala Maui region. Some of the earliest European visitors to the island heard of the area from the island's Polynesian inhabitants, and three missionaries wrote of climbing to the Maui Crater summit in 1828. The magic of Haleakala Maui has been luring visitors from all around the world ever since. 

By the 1930s, a road to the summit was completed. A visitor center and cabins were added later in the decade in order to increase the ability to appreciate this natural wonderland. The park is now being fenced to preserve the native species from the destruction that feral goats and deer have inflicted on other areas of the island. And as late as 1999, with the addition of the Ka‘apahu lands, the park's area has continued to expand. 

The Haleakala National Park contains a rich tapestry of plant life and the Haleakala Maui region is home to rare and endangered species which are found solely within park. The varied ecological systems range from sub-tropical forest and jungle to the bleak and forbidding volcanic plateau. In addition to the rich tapestry of geology and plant life, efforts continue in this park system to preserve rare birds like the reintroduced Hawaiian goose, and native Hawaiian animals. 

And who would want to miss a chance to experience a night on the Haleakala National Park summit? The summit's Observatory shares the expansive view of the cosmos with park explorers, a marvel of clarity and the breadth of the night sky.  When you buy your next vacation home, consider Maui and all the beauty this island has to offer.



Haleakala Maui
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